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Title Publication Date
Audio: CRI Director Brooke Goldstein, on the Frontlines of Freedom Radio show May 21, 2013
Audio: Brooke Goldstein on the WGVU Radio Show with Host Shelley Irwin May 10, 2013
New Gaza law mandates gender segregation in Palestinian schools April 3, 2013
Brooke Goldstein on "3 Plus You" WRCBtv (Chattanooga) January 29, 2013
CRI Director Discusses Taliban Shooting of 14-year-old Pakistani Girl on Fox News' "America Live with Megyn Kelly" Fox News October 10, 2012
There's an App for Hezbollah Live TV BREITBART August 7, 2012
Michael Coren with Brooke Goldstein: Lawfare [VIDEO] Sun News (Canada) June 19, 2012
Saudi Arabia to Lead UN Counter Terrorism Initiative American Thinker June 14, 2012
Syria kills its kids, but we can do more to protect ours NY Daily News June 1, 2012
A Conversation with Brooke Goldstein EYES IN Magazine April 30, 2012
Lawyer advocates for Palestinian child suicide bombers The Canadian Jewish News April 17, 2012
Interview with Brooke Goldstein on "The Source" with Ezra Levant - Part 1 SunNews (Canada) June 27, 2011
CRI Director Discusses Terror Media on Fox News' "Hannity" Fox News May 30, 2011
Broadcasting Martyrdom FrontPage Magazine May 23, 2011
Fogel Suspects' Arrest Exposes Dangers of Incitement The Jewish Standard April 22, 2011
Of Madness and Muslim Martyrdom: The Ideal Age of Indoctrination The Huffington Post January 3, 2011
Ground Zero Mosque Leader's Speech Evades Main Cause of Suicide Bombing The Huffington Post August 26, 2010
Goldstein Interviewed for BE 21Son August 2, 2010
Stakelbeck on Kiddie Jihad (CRI founder Brooke Goldstein Appears at 6.14) July 28, 2010
The Adventures of Itamar Marcus and the Hamas Bunny: Palestine at Play The Huffington Post May 17, 2010
Invitation to a Beheading: South Waziristan Park, on Steroids (By Qanta Ahmed) The Huffington Post May 1, 2010
CBN News Report on Kiddie Jihad Featuring CRI and Brooke Goldstein April 23, 2010
Conversation with Brooke Goldstein on Child Suicide Bombers Danger Zone March 6, 2010
Panel Discusses U.N. Responsibility in Child Protection The Cardozo Jurist March 3, 2010
"Martyr" Makes IMDB Most Popular Movie List about West Bank/Israel February 23, 2010
UN Calls for the Prosecution of Child Soldier Recruiters The National (Abu Dhabi) February 14, 2010
From the Laws of War to the Law as War The Jewish State January 29, 2010
Yemen's Other Threat to Global Security New York Daily News January 26, 2010
Goldstein on Secure Freedom Radio with Frank Gaffney January 15, 2010
Goldstein on WABC News Talk Radio (The John Batchelor Show) January 8, 2010
Maj. Nidal Hasan and the "Desperation Explanation" The Huffington Post November 9, 2009
Can Hamas Make Sesame Street Sweet American Spectator October 12, 2009
Goldstein interviewed by Heather Robinson Center for Security Policy July 7, 2009
"Suicide Terror: Understanding and Confronting the Threat" By: Ophir Falk and Henry Morgenstern, Wiley Publications (Quoted on pp.49, 52) July 1, 2009
Goldstein on Free Speech News Channel 8 June 9, 2009
36 Under 36 The Jewish Week April 29, 2009
Children as Human Bombs The American Spectator November 12, 2008
If I Died as a Martyr I'd Go To Paradise The Jewish Week November 24, 2007
Goldstein on FOX News with Sean Hannity FOX News Channel October 27, 2007
The Making of a Martyr FrontPage Magazine October 17, 2007
Countering Child Suicide Bombers IO Sphere Fall 2007
Blame UN for Brainwashed Palestinian Kids New York Daily News July 19, 2007
Goldstein on CNN CNN News Channel June 29, 2007
Recruited to Die The New York Sun June 1, 2007
Tales of a Fourth Grade Suicide Bomber May 9, 2007

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